Helmand Valley Growers Company Packaging/Apparel Design. All original photography. 
Brief: "Conceived from the stresses of battle, to help everyone battling day-to-day life. We're on a mission to help put an end to the opioid and suicide epidemic plaguing our Nation's Heroes. We believe that exploring the benefits of medical cannabis is the most effective way to combat these issues and bring proper aid to those who gave so much for our great nation."
Solution: With a foundation of military-inspired colors, each package design functions to communicate not only the brand style, but to create a language that differentiates the three flagship product varieties in a way that is quick and easy to recognize inside cannabis dispensaries filled with hundreds of products. Compliant with California Department of Public Health and Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations. 
All merchandise and apparel designs are inspired directly by military patterns, colors, and utilitarian styles without being too niche for the average consumer to understand and appreciate. 
Challenge coins serve as a direct parallel to the military tradition of minting stylized morale coins for trading and collection among service members. A fantastic promotional item that fosters engagement and conversation between HVGC salespeople and customers. 

Pre-Roll packaging coming soon!
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