Mionix Castor Mouse Packaging
Mionix is a Swedish company that produces keyboards, mouses, and computer desk accessories. They pride themselves in great craftsmanship and do so in a way that is non-traditional amongst most computer hardware companies. An array of eye-catching colors, textures, and patterns are offered on all of their products and their marketing strategy is playful in a way that doesn't takes the brand too seriously. 

"It's all about the craftsmanship" is a slogan that can be found throughout Mionix branding.

"For gamers and artists" is a slogan used on Castor mouse packaging.
Inspiration - Original Branding & Package Design
Header on Mionix.net
Original Packaging - Colored Castor models sold in box on the left, black Castor on the right.
Screenshot from the Mionix website. Inspiration for the bandana pattern and color scheme originated here.
The Design
For this product, the goal from the very start was to create packaging that could be used for all Castor Mouse models while simultaneously maintaining the non-traditional Mionix aesthetic and playful branding. This meant designing for a physically and aesthetically "fun" package/unboxing experience. 
To accomplish this, a box design that uniquely opens from the center and showcases the mouse in a luxurious, fun manner was chosen. The box will be constructed of thick card stock and the center flaps held together via magnets for a memorable and highly tactile user experience. 
The aesthetics of both original packages have been carried over to create a hybrid of both. The bandana pattern and large typography on the front of the box are reminiscent of the colored Castor packaging, while the cleaner layout on the sides and back of the box are more closely related to the black Castor packaging. 
Overall, the package communicates serious craftsmanship and a well made products, but keeps a fresh, playful design that reaches a wide target audience. 
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